What are Drones?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drone for short is about to revolutionize the US economy. The commercial uses for drones are unlimited. The Artificial Intelligence revolution is just beginning, and the Federal Aviation Administration predicts that by 2020, 7 million drones will be in the buzzing in the sky both for fun and for profit.

Drones are huge, and they are practically a futuristic technology that is showing unlimited potential. The impact on the economy will also be huge, and there will be only one limit to what a drone can do, which is the operator’s imagination.

The drone industry is estimated to be around 127$ billion, and it is growing across various sectors. Let’s see how the drones will change the US economy.

Job creation:

While flying drones is heavily regulated, anybody can get a drone and start flying for fun. However, the market for commercial drone flying is always expanding, and it can create thousands of jobs for drone pilots who can fly drones for profit.

Getting a certificate and passing the tests is somewhat difficult but not impossible. Already, many entrepreneurs are starting drone businesses, and the trend doesn’t seem to slow down.

Drones can reach places that humans can’t; drones can do things humans can’t. The individual who can commit to learning how drones fly can create a job in any industry that requires drone work.

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